Wellness Project New Orleans mission is to provide holistic, trauma informed, and culturally competent services to individuals and families, and to support practitioners (with an emphasis on BIPOC practitioners) by providing financial, educational, and social resources. We envision our space as a place for practitioners and community members to feel seen, held, and heard.

Projected to launch late summer 2023!

More info to come on how to enroll in services!

about us

Wellness Project New Orleans is a non-profit mental health organization based in New Orleans, co-created by a group of local Licensed Clinical Social Workers. In our work, we witnessed gaps in access to affordable wellness services and a lack of support in resources for wellness providers. We believe that mental health care and wellness is a human right, not a privilege, and that mental health care and wellness can be a cost-effective, accessible, and transformative part of reimagining a healthier New Orleans.

As the movement for economic and workplace democracy continues to grow, we think it is important that nonprofit organizations also internalize and practice workplace democracy. We are committed to developing an organizational structure and culture that operates to allow all workers to have the power to influence the programs in which they work, the conditions of their workplace, their own career paths, and the direction of the organization as a whole.

Founding Members

Nora Glapsey, LCSW Shona Dabrowski, LCSW

Jenn Vigue, LCSW Deborah Oliveria, LCSW-BACS

goals & initiatives for 2023

  • Increase access to mental health and wellness services in the Greater New Orleans area by providing on a wide sliding scale, counseling and wellness services to 50-75 community members.

  • Support wellness practitioners (with an emphasis on BIPOC practitioners) by hosting and subsidizing 4 continuing education or support events.

  • Secure grants and donations from individuals and organizations to cover operating expenses and to increase the population served.



Profits from items sold in the store will subsidize counseling for New Orleans community members.

We believe mental health care and wellness is a human right not a privilege. We offer services on

a wide sliding scale. No one is turned away due to inability to pay. We are currently raising money

to launch services around late summer. Please consider buying an item or making a donation.

donate to support our services!

We are launching a survey to help us best formulate how to make our mental health and wellness services more accessible and effective for the community. We would appreciate any experiences, thoughts and/or feelings you are willing to share with us about accessing and engaging in mental health services in Louisiana. There is an option to remain anonymous and not leave any identifying information on the survey. There is also an option to be entered in a raffle to win WPNO merchandise for your participaction. If you would like to be entered in the raffle please make sure you fill out the last few questions on the form. Thank you for your willingness to help us shape our services!

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